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The Postpartum Period
The post partum period, or the fourth trimester, is the time after birth where the new mom adjusts to motherhood.

This is a time filled of emotional and physical changes that can range from extreme joy to complete fatigue and irritability. 

Although getting the baby blues is an expected part of the postpartum period, postpartum depression does affect a percentage of new moms. If you feel depressed for an extended period of time or feel like hurting yourself or your baby contact your healthcare provider immediately.

Some of the physical changes that may happen during the postpartum period include sweating, leaking urine, constipation, swelling, soreness, and engorged breasts.

You will also experience postpartum bleeding and possibly vaginal discharge. Many new moms feel extremely exhausted in the days following the birth of their baby. Your 6 week postpartum check up is a great time to address any concerns or issues surrounding your post birth experience.

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