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Your Four Year Old : Growth And Development Into The Fifth Year
Your Child At 4-5 Years Old (48-60 Months)

Your four year old has entered his fifth year of life and this is a time of huge social development for your child. Now officially a preschooler, your four year old may bud into an imaginative, talkative and energetic being.

By the end of the fifth year, your preschooler should weigh in at about 27-50 pounds and measure about 37-46 inches in height.

Four year olds enjoy playing make believe and trying new things. They gain a lot of self confidence during this fifth year as they take risks and are proud when they accomplish new things.

Although all preschoolers develop at their own pace, your four year old should hit some general developmental milestones by the end of his fifth year of life.

Some developmental milestones you should look for in your four year old toddler include:

  • Wanting attention
  • Singing, dancing, acting and engaging in other imaginary play
  • Wanting to do what others do
  • Showing growing independence
  • Understanding what is real and what is pretend
  • Expressing emotions
  • Counting 10 or more objects
  • Naming colors
  • Knows about money, food, appliances and other things in the home
  • Speaks in complex sentences
  • Using future tense when speaking
  • Saying name and address
  • Telling longer stories
  • Telling jokes
  • Standing on one foot for 10 or more seconds
  • Hopping, jumping, swinging and climbing
  • Copying shapes
  • Drawing people
  • Printing some uppercase letters
  • Dressing and undressing without any help
  • Using silverware
  • Using toilet independently
  • Washing hands
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