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Discipline In The Early Years
No parent wants to raise an out of control child, but when it comes to discipline many parents are hesitant about adopting a consistent and clear cut approach.

Often parents have trouble with discipline because they are unfamiliar with normal growth and development. As a result, sometimes a child’s adventurous and explorative sprit is often mistaken for a behavioral problem rather than a normal stage of early childhood development.

In the first years, from birth to age 2, babies and toddlers are naturally curious creatures. They learn about their environment by tasting, touching and trying everything.

During this stage of development, creating a childproofed environment will help eliminate the constant need to say no. During this stage of development redirecting your child’s attention and distraction are good techniques for discipline.

During the toddler years as your child gains independence you’ll need to offer more hands on behavioral guidance. Time out is a great discipline technique for toddlers. You’ll also need to become accustomed to taming your toddler’s temper tantrums. Ignoring inappropriate behavior (as long as it’s not physical like biting or hitting), following through with consequences and being consistent are also effective discipline techniques for the toddler years.

During the preschool years your child has a clear understanding of what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior. For this reason it’s extremely important that you remain consistent and model appropriate behavior to your child. Spelling out expected behavioral guidelines, setting clear consequences for breaking these guidelines and following through with the consequences is the best plan of action for disciplining your preschooler. At this stage of development taking away privileges or toys can also be an effective form of discipline.

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