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Vaginal Discharge
Is Vaginal Discharge Normal?

If you’re worried about having excess vaginal discharge at this point, you can relax. Increased hormone production and blood flow to your genital region has made the production of bodily secretions from the vagina, sweat glands and other areas more prominent.

You might want to invest in some panty liners to absorb the discharge. They’ll also come in handy when your baby presses on the bladder, making you a little incontinent when you sneeze or laugh. Though it doesn’t sound like much fun, it will all pass when you give birth.

Should You Worry?
Called leucorrhoea, this whitish or clear, odorless discharge is nothing to worry about and you can expect more of it until you give birth. However, if you experience an odor, itching, burning or a tinge of blood, you should contact your doctor. You may have an infection of some sort. If you find your discharge is very clear and in large quantities, you may be leaking amniotic fluid. If you’re worried or unsure, give your doctor a call. It’s better to be safe than sorry.


Can I Do Anything On My Own?
You can wear a panty liner and change it regularly. You will want to avoid douching, as it can force air as well as solution into vagina. The air can be dangerous to your baby. Avoid tampons as they’re unsafe as well.

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