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Your Changing Body And Pregnancy
From an increasing waist line, to the luxurious thick mane of hair that you may grow, the stages of pregnancy bring extreme changes to a pregnant women's body.

During each stage of pregnancy your body undergoes drastic changes. Here is a general overview of what you can expect to happen to your body during the different stages of being pregnant:

Month 1
During the first weeks of pregnancy, weeks 0 -4, you may not notice any special changes with your body. In week 4, you may notice a missed period which could be your first physical clue that you may be pregnant. Some women also experience tender breasts during this early stage of being pregnant.

Month 2
During your second month of pregnancy, weeks 5-8, you may begin to feel like something is off. You may experience morning sickness and begin to feel tired and worn out. At this stage of pregnancy you may feel like you are going to get your period still, but don’t. A positive pregnancy test indicates that pregnancy hormones are now present in your urine or blood.

Month 3
During your third month of pregnancy, weeks 9-12, your uterus is already beginning to grow. Although you may not notice the change, by the end of this month your uterus sits slightly above your pelvis. Morning sickness may worsen and your breasts may start to really feel sore and tender. This third month marks the end of the first stage of being pregnant.

Month 4
Month four welcomes you into the second trimester or stage of pregnancy. During weeks 13-17 morning sickness may subside as your placenta has now taken over sustaining your pregnancy. During this stage of pregnancy you may begin to notice your heart beating faster because your blood volume increases during pregnancy. You also may begin to sport a little baby bump, your official announcement to the world that you are pregnant.

Month 5
During weeks 18-21, many pregnant women feel their baby move for the first time. During this stage of pregnancy your belly is really beginning to show and your uterus has grown up to your belly button. You may also notice that your bathroom trips are increasing as your baby and uterus are now making less room for your bladder.

Month 6
During weeks 22-25 you may really begin to notice your baby’s movements. You also may begin to notice heartburn during this stage of pregnancy. Eating smaller more frequent meals can help keep heartburn at bay.

Month 7
Weeks 26-29 usher you into the third trimester. This stage of pregnancy begins at week 27. You may start to feel uncomfortable this month and your back may begin to ache regularly. You may also begin to experience Braxton-Hicks contractions. During this stage of pregnancy you may notice that you’ve become clumsy. Your joints are actually loosening as they prepare for the birth of your baby and this can make you prone to dropping things and falling.

Month 8
During these final stages of pregnancy you may begin to feel extremely tired again. During weeks 30-34 may notice your baby drop deeper into your pelvis. You will be able to breathe easier, but you’ll need to use the bathroom more.

Month 9
Weeks 35-40 mark the final stretch of pregnancy. You may be experiencing both Braxton-Hicks and real contractions as your body prepares for birth. You may also notice your breasts begin to leak as your body prepares for breastfeeding. Your discomfort is probably at its highest and your uterus now measures about 40 inches from your pubic bone to its top ridge. During this time you may go into labor which could be marked with losing your mucus plug, your water breaking and most notably, steady contractions.

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