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Chemicals And Toxins To Avoid
Avoiding Outside Chemicals And Toxins

You have a headache or a cold, and you’re feeling miserable…is it safe to take over the counter medications? Or you’re looking into painting the nursery…is it safe for you to do? You’re at a party, and someone is smoking…is that hazardous to your baby?

While your baby is protected somewhat by the placenta, some of the chemicals you come in contact with will cross the placenta to your unborn child.

Some medicines, recreational drugs, lead or mercury in food or paint, fumes or smoke all can be hazardous to your baby, leading to birth defects, mental retardation or worse.

  • Even something that seems as harmless as herbal remedies or teas can have harmful results. Check with your doctor before taking any herbal supplement.

  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like Motrin or Aleve, are hazardous in the last trimester of pregnancy and can cause heart defects.

  • Even topical medicines should be screened by your doctor. Ask before using acne medicines as these chemicals pass through your skin and can be very harmful to your baby.

  • Aspirin taken at any point of pregnancy can cause problems with low birth weight or you might experience issues in delivery.

  • Wear gloves, a mask and ventilate the area before using a household chemical for cleaning.

  • Avoid using oven cleaner, aerosol cans (they put more chemical into the air than a spray pump,) solvents, paint thinners and paint fumes.

  • Avoid coming into contact with second-hand-smoke, as your baby will be affected by the toxins.
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