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Your One Year Old : Growth And Development Into The Second Year
Your Child At 1-2 Years Old (12-24 Months)

As your child enters her second year, she transitions from a baby to a toddler. You may notice during the second year that your child's growth slows down. During her second year from 12 - 24 months, she may only have a total weight gain of between 3 to 5 pounds. By 24 months of age, the average toddler weighs between 27 to 28 pounds and is about 34 inches tall.

During the second year, your toddler will begin to understand that people and objects are still there, even when they can't see them. This developmental milestone is called object permanence.

You may also notice that your toddler is becoming more independent but prefers his parents and familiar people over strangers. You may also realize that your toddler feels safe and secure when she is on a schedule and sticks to a familiar routine.

Milestones from 12 – 18 months
Your toddler may begin to walk during this developmental stage. She may bend down to pick something up and return to standing without falling. She may also begin to be interested in filling and piling things up then dumping or knocking them over. She may also enjoy picking up small items like cereal and feeding herself with a spoon and cup.

During this phase of development your toddler may also imitate you in speech and action. She may also begin to say a few words and string simple words together. By 18 months your toddler understands “no” and can follow simple commands. She may also point to things, shake her head and wave hello or good-bye. During this phase of development your toddler may cry when you leave the room and may seem shy around unfamiliar people.

Milestones from 18-24 months
During this stage of development, your toddler may begin to carry around items, enjoy push toys, sort objects, climb furniture and stairs and begin to run, jump and kick a ball. She may also enjoy dumping over containers that are full of toys, blocks or other small objects. During this half of the second year your toddler may build block towers up to 4 blocks high and throw a ball overhand.

She may also speak in phrases and follow simple instructions. She is also likely to enter the “me” and “mine” stage when sharing for her just isn’t fun. During this stage she begins to understand she is independent and aware that she is separate from her parents. She may enjoy seeing other people and observing other children at play.

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