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Sleep in the Early Years
Many parents find themselves frustrated and tired, wondering if their baby will ever sleep through the night. Don't worry if this is exactly how you feel - you are far from being alone.

Like other parents, you may have read countless books on baby sleep patterns, but not all of them guarantee the promise they make. In truth, more than 70 percent of infants and toddlers have a Baby Sleeping pattern problem, according to a survey by the National Sleep Foundation.

So How Much Sleep Does Your Baby Really Need?

A well rested child is a happy and healthy child. But parents often wonder how much sleep their child really needs.

According to the Center for Pediatric Sleep Disorders at the Children’s Hospital in Boston, MA young children have the following daily sleep requirements.

Total Sleep Nighttime Sleep Daytime Sleep
Full term newborn 16 varies varies
3 months 13 8.5 4.5
6 months 12.5 9.25 3.25
1 year 11.75 9.75 2
2 years 11.5 9.75 1.5
3 years 11.25 10.25 1
6 years 10.5 10.5 0
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