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How Much Weight-Gain Is Healthy For Pregnancy?
Weighting the Weight

Your baby will weigh in around seven and a half pounds, give or take. If you’re a normal weight, you can expect to gain 25-35 lbs. during pregnancy. About 7.5 lbs of that is baby, so what is the rest? Here’s a break-down:

Weight Composition
7lbs Fat, protein and nutrients stored to nourish your child
4lbs Increased fluid
4lbs Increased blood (blood doubles in volume during pregnancy)
3.5lbs Uterine growth, including tissue and the placenta
2lbs Breast growth, which includes increased fat and more milk ducts
2lbs Amniotic fluid that encases your child and keeps him or her safe
7.5lbs Your baby's weight
Total: 30lbs

Of course, the amount you gain can and should vary depending on your starting weight. If you’re of a normal weight, a 25-30 lb weight gain is perfect. However, if you’re a teen or underweight, you’ll need to gain 30-40 lbs to have a healthy baby. If you’re overweight, you’re going to want to gain 15-25 lbs. This is not the time to diet, though. By making very healthy food choices and limiting sweets and other empty calories, you should be able to keep your gain at the minimum.

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