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Help, I'm Getting Stretch Marks!
You’re probably beginning to see the evidence of stretch marks on your stomach. If you’re tempted to purchase a miracle cream to keep them at bay, you might want to save your pennies and go for a cheap lotion.

Contrary to popular belief that creams are a miracle cure, genetics and how much weight you gain have a lot to do with how drastic your stretch marks are, not whether or not you use special creams. At least 50% of pregnant women experience stretch marks as their skin stretches to accommodate their baby and weight gain.

It’s not just your belly, either—expect to see marks along your buttocks, thighs and arms as skin stretches.

Keeping Marks At Bay

Even if you’re genetically prone to get stretch marks, there are measures you can do to lessen the damage. Keeping your skin moisturized helps, as hydrated skin is more elastic.

That means using lotion and drinking plenty of water should be tops on your to-do list. However, you don’t have to invest in special creams. A super-hydrating cream containing shea or cocoa butter, Vitamins A and C, or lanolin is a good choice. Lotion will help with itchy skin common in this point of pregnancy as well. You’ll want to keep taking your vitamins, and eat a healthy diet to keep your body healthy and weight gain at a minimum. These angry, red marks will eventually fade to silver and become much less noticeable with time.
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