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General Introduction To Parenting
Parenting in the early years is an exciting but challenging time. Throughout the first five years of life, your child will transform from a new baby, completely dependent on you for everything, to an independent person, with their own will and set of desires, hopes and dreams.

And for many parents it can be hard to tackle all of these transitions and changes, especially if you’re not sure what is considered within the normal ranges of growth and development for your child.

As you navigate the early years of parenting it can be helpful to understand normal growth and development for children ages birth to five.

Although all children do develop at their own pace and on their own schedule, there are some standard milestones that parents can use to assess the growth, development and overall health and well being of their child.

It can also be helpful to understand nutritional and sleep requirements for your child, health and safety concerns of the early years, childcare and educational options for your child and appropriate methods of discipline for the first five years.

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General Introduction to Parenting
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