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Weekly Pregnancy Guide - Week 37
Weight: 6.18 lbs 2803g
Length (CHL): 18.43" 46.8cm
Heart rate : 134 bpm
Your baby is building up strength day by day.
The stretching of the uterine wall has allowed more light to permeate into the uterus, thus your baby is developing daily activity cycles based on night and day.
Flashing a light at the uterus will also cause your baby to turn towards the light source, instead of only turning the eyes.
The hormone called cortisone is also being produced, which helps the lungs to be mature enough to breathe air independently.
This may be the week where you feel your baby "drop" (also called "lightening"), which is when your baby's head drops into your pelvis/birth canal in preparation for labor. This is give you more room to breathe and improve your appetite, but there will be more pressure on your bladder and rectum, and walking may be more difficult.
Vaginal discharge may be heavier now, and you may lose the mucous plug (that sealed off your uterus from infection and bacteria) as the cervix dilates. The mucous plug is thick, yellowish, and may be tinged with blood, and can be lost a few weeks, days, or hours before labor. This is not your water breaking.


Week 37 Fetus Picture(s):week 4 embryo blastocyst


Week 37 pregnant belly picture:

week 2 - pregnant belly


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