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Exercise, Your Baby And You!

Start getting into an exercise routine now, when you’re still feeling good. Exercise during pregnancy will help with your posture and keep the pounds gained to a healthy minimum, making post-partum weight loss much easier.

Your doctor is probably telling you should keep up with the exercise to help keep in shape and improve your ever-changing posture, but when you're feeling huge and tired, who wants to?

The benefits of exercise during and after pregnancy are enough to make one muddle through. Keeping your muscles in shape and toned helps with backaches now. After baby is born, you’ll find your body will return to ‘normal.’ Exercise helps manage stress and tension, which can have a negative impact on the baby. Finally, some forms of exercise, like yoga, can help you learn to control your breathing and clear your mind, which will be useful during labor!

If you’re unsure of what kind of exercise to try, here are a few fun choices:

Though high-impact aerobics isn’t good for your body at this stage of pregnancy, you could try a class that’s geared toward pregnant women. A beginner or moderate class for non-pregnant women would be fine, too. Just beware of your balance, since the added weight to your mid-section changes how you adjust to balance shifts and changes.

Swimming is a wonderful way to keep in shape without overheating or over-extending your joints. You can do laps or join a water aerobics class for pregnant women. Make sure you stay out of the Jacuzzi, though, as tempting as it may look for afterwards. The water is too warm for your baby.

Yoga is a great way to stretch and tone your body without being over-taxing. The breathing techniques help clear your mind, increase your mood and may help down the road during labor! A lot of places offer yoga for pregnant women. Just avoid too much time spent flat on your back!

Stay Safe! 
You want to make sure you exercise safely! Before taking up an exercise program, talk to your doctor. You want to make sure your good habits are healthy for your baby and your body. Here are some other quick tips to get you fit quickly.

  • Keep yourself hydrated before, during and after exercise. Drink lots of water!

  • Watch your heart rate—some experts like a maximum heart rate of 140 BPM. However, you should ask your doctor before engaging in exercise to make sure it’s healthy for you and the baby.

  • Beware of exercise that has you lie on your back for long periods of time, as it can keep your heart from getting the blood it needs.

  • Beware of over-extending your joints. As you reach the later stages in pregnancy, your joints are more easily over-extended due to hormones.

  • If you become short of breath, have a rapid heartbeat, feel pain or experience vaginal bleeding, STOP and call your doctor.

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