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Weekly Pregnancy Guide - Week 32
Weight: 3.62 lbs 1640g
Length (CHL): 16.42" 41.7cm
Heart rate : 139 bpm
From now on and over the next two months, around 40-75% of your baby's brain cells will begin to die. These are mainly cells which have not received enough stimulation to have formed connections with other cells.
Your baby's movements will probably peak around this week.
Your baby has been putting on a lot of weight recently, mainly in the form of fat and muscle tissue.
Your baby spends most of the time sleeping, like a newborn.
Brain scans have also shown that babies have periods of dream sleep (REM) starting around now.
There may already be quite a lot of hair on the head.
You may feel parts of your body (especially your feet) start to swell. Your shoes may be difficult to put on, and tight clothing such as socks and stockings are leaving indentations in your legs. This is because your body has been producing a lot more blood and body fluids for your baby's needs, and some of it may leak into your body tissues.
If you are planning on a natural birth, you may want to look into pain relief methods. Read about natural childbirth preparation techniques such as Lamaze and the Bradley method, pain-relief medications, and epidurals. 


Week 32 Fetus Picture(s):

week 4 embryo blastocyst

Week 32 pregnant belly picture:

week 2 - pregnant belly


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