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Weekly Pregnancy Guide - Week 29
Weight: 2.55 lbs 1156g
Length (CHL): 14.96" 38.0cm
Heart rate : 141 bpm

Your baby is starting to feel cramped in there as there is less and less space to move!

Despite having less space, your baby continues to be active and may give you hard jabs and kicks in addition to little flutters of movement.

The eyes start to be able to move in the sockets.

The brain can now regulate the body temperature itself.


Your baby is even urinating about half a liter of urine into the amniotic fluid everyday. Don't worry, amniotic fluid is completely replaced several times a day.

As your pregnancy progresses you will feel your baby's movements become stronger and even painful. It is not uncommon for pregnant women to feel pain under the ribs and in the lower abdomen

It is not unusual to experience constipation. Be sure to eating plenty of fiber, found in fruit, vegetables and whole grains.

Have you decided on having a natural birth of a cesarean? The goal is to have a healthy baby and mom, and choosing a cesarean is nothing to be ashamed of. Do your research on the pros and cons of each and decide which is best for you.


Week 29 Fetus Picture(s):

week 4 embryo blastocyst

Week 29 pregnant belly picture:

week 2 - pregnant belly


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