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Weekly Pregnancy Guide - Week 14
Weight: 1.4oz 40g
Length (CRL): 2.68" 6.8cm
Heart rate : 160 bpm
At the beginning of the second trimester, Lanugo (very fine hair) starts to grow, and will cover the body to protect the skin whilst in the amniotic fluids.
Your doctor may be able to take a guess at your baby's gender by ultrasound.
Although only the size of a kidney bean, the brain cells are multiplying at a rate of 5,000 cells per second!
Your baby's neck is getting longer, and the chin no longer rests on the chest.
All nourishment is now received from the placenta.
Congratulations! You have reached the second trimester, which is the period when pregnant women usually feel their best!
Your belly would probably obvious in a swimsuit by now. This would also be a good time to start checking out maternity clothes.
Sometime this trimester, you may find a dark line (linea nigra) appearing from your navel to your pubic bone. This is caused by pregnancy hormones, which trigger production of melanin, and typically disappears soon after birth. These hormones may also cause the areolas of your breasts, as well as any freckles and moles, to also get darker.


Week 14 Fetus Picture(s):

week 4 embryo blastocyst

Week 14 pregnant belly picture:

week 2 - pregnant belly


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