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Weekly Pregnancy Guide - Week 11
Weight: 0.18oz 5g
Length (CRL): 1.3" 0.18cm
Heart rate : 172 bpm

Your baby has passed a critical stage! All major internal and external structures have formed, and congenital abnormalities are now unlikely to develop.

Your baby is now a "fetus," and will begin a period of rapid growth doubling in size over the next few weeks!

Your baby will look more human-like. The head is erect and rounded, the eyes move closer together, and ears move higher.

The fingers and toes have fully separated and are no longer webbed.

The stubby tail is not very noticeable, but still there.

Over the course of your pregnancy, you will probably gain between 25 to 35 pounds (around 11 to 16kg), though this will vary depending on whether you were overweight or underweight before pregnancy

For the first trimester, you will probably gain between 2 to 5 pounds (around 1 to 2.5kg), made up of your baby's weight, the placenta, a larger uterus, amniotic fluid, increased blood volume, and larger breasts.

In the second trimester, average weight gain is around 13 pounds (around 6kg), and 11 pounds (around 5kg) for the last trimester.

Keep your focus on having a healthy diet rather than on your weight.


Week 11 Fetus Picture(s):

week 4 embryo blastocyst

Week 11 pregnant belly picture:

week 2 - pregnant belly


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